The Odyssey Study Guide

The Odyssey Study Guide

Use this Great study guide for anyone that is reading The Odyssey.

1. What is the prayer said at the beginning of an epic called?

  1. simile
  2. invocation
  3. recipe
  4. metaphor

2. Who says the invocation for The Odyssey?

3. Whom does he speak to?

4. What does he request?

5. Muse, daughter of Zeus is an example of a(n)

  1. epithets
  2. episodes
  3. invocation
  4. Homeric simile

Part one: Sailing from Troy

1. To whom does Odysseus tell his story?

2. Who is the father of Odysseus?

3. Where is Odysseus’ home?

4. What do you definitely know about his homeland?

  1. It is beautiful
  2. It is very small and old
  3. It is an island and is very rocky
  4. It is not a part of Greece.

5. What type of narration is this section of the story?

6. What problems does Odysseus have with his men when they encounter the Cicones?

7. How many men does Odysseus lose to the Cicones?

The Lotus Eaters

1. Find and epithet on page 984 and write it here.

2. How was Odysseus blown off course?

3. How many men does Odysseus send to scout the island?

4. How do the Lotus eaters live?

5. Why is this dangerous for Odysseus?

6. What does Odysseus do to save his men?

The Cyclops – page 986

1. The Cyclopes are what type of individuals?

  1. They are gentle and kind
  2. They are immortal gods that don’t listen to anyone
  3. They are gigantic creatures that are lazy and mean.

2. To what does Odysseus compare the Cyclops?

3. What does Odysseus bring with him to the Cyclops’ house?

  1. An animal hide filled with wine
  2. A big bow and arrow to kill the monster
  3. A slave to trade for money
  4. Many different types of cheeses.

4. What does the Cyclops have in his house?

5. What do Odysseus men want to do?

6. Which quality of an epic hero does Odysseus demonstrate when addressing the Cyclops?

7. What can we understand about conduct and respect for the gods from Odysseus on page 989?

8. Find an epithet on page 989.

9. Find two Homeric similes on page 989.



10. What name does Odysseus tell the Cyclops to call him?

11. Why can’t Odysseus kill the Cyclops and then just run away?

12. How does Odysseus escape with his men?

13. How does Odysseus endanger his crew?

14. The Cyclops’s father is

The Land of the Dead – page 999 only

1. Who is Aeolus?

2. What does Aeolus do for Odysseus?

3. How does Odysseus’ crew mess up again?

4. Who are the Laestrygonians?

5. Who is Circe? Where is her home?

6. What harm does Circe cause Odysseus and his crew?

7. Where does Circe say Odysseus must go?

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